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The Value, Use and Copyright Commission provides a forum for members and experts in the field working together to support valorization, exploitation and opening up of audiovisual collections focused on the end user.

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Strategy & policy

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Access & copyright

Some of the Value, Use and Copyright Commission activities:

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The Value, Use and Copyright seminars and workshops facilitate the debate on the value of digital audiovisual content, with a particular focus on impact, outreach via content reuse.

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Map the current ecosystem of blurring divisions between content creators versus content consumers and create a guidebook or set of guidelines in this domain.

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Best Practices

Creation of a handbook or toolbox of successful case studies developed by FIAT/IFTA members showcasing best practices of reuse.

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A selection of commission members act as the jury for the yearly FIAT/IFTA “Excellence in Archive Production” and “Excellence in Unlocking the Value and Potential of Archives” awards.

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World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

The commission is responsible for FIAT/IFTA’s participation in the annual campaign for the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage celebrations on October 27th (under CCAAA).

Latest News

Archival Reads

The #ArchivalReads are a series of publications collected by the FIAT/IFTA Value, Use and Copyright Commission. The #ArchivalReads can be in-house produced articles or articles or recommended reading: high-quality publications by other organisations or individuals active in the audiovisual and media archiving domain.

Copyright Case Studies & Tools

MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology in RAI

Overview of Online Resources

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EUscreen Zotero

reference library for online access to audiovisual content

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IASA & IFLA’s Audiovisual

Legal Deposit Register

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What will the DSM directive change for cultural heritage institutions?

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List of countries

that collect web archives as part of their country’s copyright deposit legislation and list of countries that use permission, fair use or opt-out based systems to collect web archives

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Communia webinars

on the DSM (Copyright) Directive regarding Press Publishers’ Right, Text and Data Mining and Education Exceptions, Use of Content by Online Platforms, Cultural Heritage Provisions (such as on out-of-commerce works)

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Updates by the Communia

association on the implementation of the DSM (Copyright) Directive in European countries


Maria Drabczyk EC
Maria Drabczyk
VUC Chair
EUscreen Foundation, Centrum Cyfrowe
Head of Policy and Advocacy
Dale Grayson
VUC Co-Chair
Northbound TV
Managing Director
Maartje Hülsenbeck
VUC Co-Chair
Netherlands Institue for Sound and Vision
Copyright Lawyer