Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Media Archives: Challenges and Opportunities

SG05 2

May, 2023

Dublin, Ireland

Media Management Seminar 2023 on May 25th & 26th in Dublin, Ireland – Dublin City University, All Hallows Campus.

RTÉ, together with the FIAT/IFTA Media Management Commission, invite you to the 11th edition of FIAT/IFTA’s “Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles” Seminars, focusing on media management, metadata, rights, new emerging technologies and changing skillsets. This edition’s theme is

Digital Transformation, Sustainability and Media Archives: Challenges and Opportunities

Learn from international leaders within the media management community about new challenges, innovative workflows and practical solutions facing the digital archiving and broadcasting community.  This is a unique learning and development opportunity for professional audiovisual archivists provided through a variety of case studies, deep dives and panel discussions on the most relevant topics impacting the industry today with a focus on sustainability within the Archives.


  • AI new tools and impact on human workflows and roles
  • Machine learning and language speech regionalisation use cases follow up
  • Cloud, data storage and media archives – new services and supply chains
  • Cataloguing, metadata and MAMs – the impact of AI, new processes, how beneficial is it?
  • Sustainability – new future thinking in media archives – how, where, when?
  • Rights – are we winning?
  • Post-Pandemic and changing roles


This international seminar will bring together 150 delegates: AV archiving practitioners (archivists, media managers) as well as researchers, developers, journalists, producers and representatives of the media and software industry. It will foster knowledge and ideas exchange, education, information and vendor awareness, understanding and engagement.