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To celebrate the 2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (27 October), FIAT/IFTA will share daily announcements throughout the week, starting with a preview of the new FIAT/IFTA website.

  • We are updating the FIAT/IFTA website

    In March 2022, the FIAT/IFTA Executive Council assigned our Network and Communications Coordinator to manage the new FIAT/IFTA website project. Since then, he has been closely working alongside the FIAT/IFTA EC and Commissions, identifying how to highlight their initiatives, events and the FIAT/IFTA network in one place.

    Since this week we are celebrating the 2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage (27 October), we believe this is the best opportunity to showcase FIAT/IFTA’s vision towards a more open and accessible community of audiovisual archivists worldwide.

    We are aiming to release the new website later in December. However, this time window might change to early 2023.

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  • Eco-Responsibility Survey (INA – FIAT/IFTA)

    Like any human activity, archiving has an environmental impact. How exactly should it be evaluated? How is it possible to reduce it? How do professionals in audiovisual archives tackle these issues? How can they be reconciled with conservation and communication missions? Audiovisual archives must take up the environmental challenge.

    After a first FRAME Expert workshop dedicated to these questions during the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2022, INA – Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, in partnership with FIAT/IFTA, launches a survey to assess the current situation in the audiovisual archives sector.

    The answers gathered will be analysed and the first results revealed during the year 2023.

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  • Open Call for Researcher | Audiovisual Research Alliance & FIAT/IFTA Value, Use & Copyright Commission

    On the occasion of World Day for AV Heritage 2022, the Audiovisual Research Alliance, in collaboration with the FIAT/IFTA Value, Use and Copyright Commission, is pleased to announce an open call for a new research commission. This temporary research position focuses on how cultural heritage institutions with audiovisual and audio collections move from common search interfaces to using and offering exploration as an expanded approach in their collection interfaces for surfacing content. This research also explores how these expanded approaches interact with storytelling and information visualisation.

    To apply, please submit your CV, cover letter, and research writing samples to AVRA coordinator Rachel Somers Miles by November 25, 2022, @ 17.00 CET.

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  • Save Your Archive: Looking back at 2020 and onwards into 2023!

    To mark UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, Save Your Archive is proud to highlight two significant success stories from its most recent programme edition, 2020-2022.

    Detailed reports from the outputs, learnings and impacts of both of these important projects were presented at the recent gathering of the FIAT/IFTA network at the annual World Conference in Cape Town and recordings from the session will become available in the coming months.

    Save Your Archives is also very pleased to announce that with the support of long-standing and new partners, we will launch a new Call for Projects to commence in 2023. 

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  • The MMC book from the 2019 seminar is now available to download!

    To close the final day of the 2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage week, FIAT/IFTA's Media Management Commission is proud to share the book from the MMC Seminar 2019 held in Stockholm: Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles (Part IX): Game Changers? From Automation to Curation - Futureproofing AV Content.

    We look forward to being in person next year for our May 2023, MMC Seminar in Dublin! Enjoy the reading and knowledge-sharing, which is at the heart of our commission.

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