Broadcaster Archives: Rights to Access

Camera YLE2

September, 2021


Value Use and Copyright Webinar 2021 on September 9th online, free access.

Broadcaster archives are often rich and deep, with multi-genre collections containing a mix of in-house produced and third-party content, and inevitable rights complexities and associated risk considerations.

This webinar looked at the opportunities and challenges facing broadcasters worldwide in providing archive access to various stakeholders with different interests – be that creative and commercial re-use by programme makers, filmmakers and journalists, or non-commercial access for the individual: students, academics and the public.

The session focused on rights and regulations and asked if, by the necessity of their regulatory and copyright landscapes, Public Service Broadcasters (PSBs) and private broadcasters take differing approaches to rights and risk when providing archive services to the production community and beyond.

This webinar is of interest to archivists, library managers, rights management experts and copyright lawyers in the FIAT/IFTA community and provided an opportunity to hear from others and share experiences in the complex area of rights and risk management.