1989: Mapping New Frontiers of Europe and Beyond


March, 2019

Belval, Luxembourg

Media Studies Seminar 2019 on March 14th Belval, Luxembourg.

The one-day seminar focused on exploring the historical events of 1989 that witnessed the collapse of communist regimes in Europe through the lens of archival material and media representations, different archive-based productions (including documentaries and exhibitions) as well as through the lens of multidisciplinary academic research carried out at various archives across the world.

Presentations focused on the following subjects:

  • Archival and scholarly research on the collapse of communist regimes in 1989 in Europe;
  • The televising of the fall of the Iron Curtain across different countries;
  • Studies dealing with socialist television before and in the aftermath of the fall of the Iron Curtain;
  • Changes in media systems post-1989;
  • (Re)configuring of Europe through the media during and after the Cold War;
  • Stories from outside Europe: televising 1989 European events across the globe;
  • Media productions showcasing and re-using archival footage of the 1989 events.