Metadata Gathering, Cloud Based Workflows and the Archivist – Where are we now?

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June, 2022


Media Management Webinar 2022 on May 26th online, free access.

Metadata wrangling at VRT with Tinkerlist

Managing metadata during TV production can be a very tedious and repetitive task — from manually uploading clips and adding numerous details (like names of the producers, creation dates, file types, etc.) to archiving them and hoping that one day you’ll be able to easily search and retrieve those clips.

Luckily, this no longer has to be the case. With TinkerList, production teams at broadcasting companies like VRT can automatically save and store metadata by simply uploading clips when they create scripts and rundowns, and entering the required details just once. The rest is archived and ready to retrieve in TinkerList’s database.

How exactly does it work, and what else can TinkerList turn from ‘annoying’ to ‘automated’? Find out on the 26th of May during our talk with Erik Hauters and Aaron Nuytemans from TinkerList!

Cloud-based media supply chains: integration and evolution

The cloud has continued to evolve rapidly to support media workflows, including distributing and monetising content archives. This presentation will cover some recent updates to major cloud-based services relevant to media workflows since the last MMC Seminar in 2019, as well as some high-level strategies for turning archival-focused media workflows into active media supply chains to support content reuse.

The Archivist: The Impact of AI /Machine Learning and the Pandemic on their Role

A wrap-up and discussion focusing on if we can see a change in the archivist role in the context of AI /Machine Learning and the Pandemic. The discussion starts with an introduction from the perspectives MMC has predicted and presented at the MMC Seminar in Stockholm 2019.


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