Save Your Archive

Looking back at 2020 and onwards into 2023!

Save Your Archive

Save Your Archive is an initiative of the FIAT/IFTA network, working in partnership with audiovisual archives and industry suppliers to support at-risk collections worldwide.

To mark UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, Save Your Archive is proud to highlight two significant success stories from its most recent programme edition, 2020-2022.

Black Lives: Historical Friendship and the Kings Men Legacies in, South Africa and London. This collection of unique video and Audio recordings for Radio and Television is now digitised and in a preservation programme for further access and study. It was made possible by the support of  Save Your Archive Partner, MEMNON, specialists in video, audio and film digitisation and audiovisual archiving services.

The Yuruparí Documentary Series, for TelevisionProimágenes, Bogota Columbia; selected titles for preservation and access to a unique record of Colombia’s indigenous cultural heritage. It was made possible by the support of the Save Your Archive Partner, The Prasad Corporation, specialists in film preservation and restoration, to be completed in 2022.

Detailed reports from the outputs, learnings and impacts of both of these important projects were presented at the recent gathering of the FIAT/IFTA network at the annual World Conference in Cape Town and recordings from the session will become available in the coming months. While the FIAT/IFTA team prepares them, you can view their presentations from the FIAT/IFTA World Conference 2021.

The success of these projects demonstrates the enduring value of the Save Your Archive programme, with so many valuable collections saved already and many more in need of support.

Through the project calls, we not only help to safeguard collections but aim to showcase what can be achieved and the impacts and value these projects can bring regionally and globally. Central to our vision is the importance of working in partnership with our network in Archives and Industry to keep a spotlight firmly shining on this priceless world audiovisual heritage.

Call for Projects 2023 – Coming Soon!

Save Your Archives is also very pleased to announce that with the support of long-standing and new partners, we will launch a new Call for Projects to commence in 2023.

Further details will be posted as soon as the Call is open.  

To ensure you do not miss out on this important opportunity, please ensure your archive is registered for the FIAT/IFTA newsletter, where you will be kept up date with all our news and activities for the coming year.