MMC Seminar 2019: Stockholm Book

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To close the 2022 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage week, FIAT/IFTA’s Media Management Commission is proud to share the book from the MMC Seminar 2019 held in Stockholm: Changing Sceneries, Changing Roles (Part IX): Game Changers? From Automation to Curation – Futureproofing AV Content.

Our long-standing MMC Member Jacqui Gupta summed up our seminar and publication in her conclusions, excerpted below. We look forward to being in person next year for our May 2023, MMC Seminar in Dublin! Enjoy the reading and knowledge-sharing, which is at the heart of our commission.

More than 3 years on from the Stockholm MMC Seminar, everyone has endured the most challenging times in both life and work through an unprecedented pandemic. Media archives continued to operate under the most difficult of circumstances to provide an invaluable service to their organisations. In some ways, the impact of Covid-19 during this period will be viewed as an accelerator of innovation, technology, new remote workflows and roles in media production and archives.

All the use case studies, projects, and trials discussed in this Seminar imparted a wealth of knowledge and understanding, challenges and lessons learned across many topics including AI, ML, data mining, automated data management, training and quality control, misinformation and disinformation, authentication and verification, content security, rights management and archiving in the Cloud.

Today, there is a perceived shift of acknowledgement.  A Media Archive must be at the centre of the digital transformation providing archive management and broadcast content for reuse and retransmission in an era of rapidly growing competitive digital channels – archives are the “jewel in the crown”, “golden assets”. Ironically, the pandemic has accelerated a realisation in top management that the real value of any broadcaster is in its archive assets.


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