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About Mayam

Mayam delivers workflow orchestration and metadata solutions to professional media organisations around the world. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine software package brings the advanced functionality required by leading media companies. The Mayam Tasks workflow engine is currently in use supporting media and metadata workflows in 15+ countries.

Our team of software and workflow experts have more than 20+ years of experience of implementing integrated media workflows and systems in the media environment. On top of the Mayam Tasks workflow engine, we offer professional services to design and implement orchestrated workflows, metadata managers and system integration services.

This year, Mayam is launching two new products. Mayam JustSKOS is a multi-lingual thesaurus manager that follows the SKOS-XL standard for knowledge organisation. Secondly, Mayam Core is a metadata manager that implements the EBU Core standards to store and exchange large quantities of complex metadata.

For additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us via our website –, and request a demonstration!

About Memnon

Memnon is a worldwide leading provider of services to digitize, migrate, preserve, monetize and provide access to audiovisual (Audio, Video, Film and Images) recordings of any format and data formats. We work for the biggest names in media, broadcast, cultural institutions, national libraries, universities, businesses, governments and international organizations.

Memnon is a 100% ES Media Group company since April 2021. Our origins go back to a professional “mastering studio” created in 1989 in Belgium/Brussels. Since 2005, Memnon has been dedicated to archives and serving the global audiovisual community in media & entertainment, sports, heritage organizations, research and universities. Over the last 10 years, we have globally expanded to serve our clients from our own facilities and on-site projects around the world from the US, EU, the Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

Over the last 5 years, we have extensively invested in R&D, technical development and engineering with our own developments in high performance storage solutions, robotic, software solutions for workflow and ingest management, as well as quality management methodologies and business processes. Since 2018, Memnon has been certified and audited in the ISO9001 quality certification.

Our workforce has evolved into a multi-disciplinary team of audio and video specialists, film experts, engineers, computer specialists, project managers and metadata experts

About NOA GmbH

NOA delivers scalable, high quality AV digitizing and archiving innovations to make audio and video archives easily available in enterprise storage facilities. Sustainable long-term preservation of media content is guaranteed as NOA’s unique products rely on open archival standards and formats, and continuous checks for transfer integrity to ensure highest possible quality of audio and video content. NOA’s turnkey solutions deliver systems to meet the specific needs of any business.

ingestLINE, actLINE, jobDB, mediARC and the entry level Pico systems safeguard future media accessibility and enterprise-wide collaboration. Advanced semantic metadata management ensures NOA’s family of products deliver efficient and reliable identification and retrieval of archival content.

NOA’s intuitive proprietary technologies are currently installed in more than thirty international institutions including Austrian National Broadcaster ORF, Sveriges Radio Förvaltnings (SRF), Yleisradio Finland (YLE), Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTV), the national sound archives of Switzerland and Mexico, the Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep (VRT) and many more.

About Dalet

Dalet empowers media-rich organizations to transform their production and distribution workflows – accelerating media operations, maximizing collaboration and creating higher value from content. As a leading media technology and service provider with over three decades of innovation, our software solutions enable greater control, enhanced visibility and increased productivity for content professionals and storytellers around the globe. Leading organizations such as Fox Networks Group, Arsenal Football Club, MediaCorp, Audi, and the BBC trust Dalet to support their daily content operations. Our team is driven by a passion for media and committed to empowering a world where compelling stories are beautifully made, effortlessly told and thoughtfully delivered. Learn more at

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About DeepVA

DeepVA is a visual data mining platform that provides everything you need to use AI in the most simple and effective way. We help you obtain training data automatically, customize your AI and then use it to analyze your images and videos to gain meaningful metadata. We have developed the finest API for working together with your own technology.

About Prasad

Prasad Corp offers a comprehensive range of preservation, digitization and restoration services globally. As the owner of Digital Film Technology GmbH, it’s suitably placed to help with the ingest of complex archival film scanning projects both on-site and off-site. Prasad provides services, including but not limited to film preservation, film scanning of 8mm/16mm/35mm/65mm formats to 2K, 4K,8K up to 14K resolution, digital film restoration, QC and metadata management. Prasad provides film digitization services from its Los Angeles office or through its partners in the US, with restoration services from our Chennai, India headquarters. For more visit – 

About Preservación 35

A cutting-edge film-based technology service centre based in Malaga, Spain, for restoration and preservation of audiovisual and printed heritage deposited in film libraries, television archives, universities and a wide variety of institutions on a global basis. Our services guarantee the preservation and quality of reproduction of digital memory, including and guaranteeing its reading in the digital players of tomorrow. Our integral system, unique in its kind, secures the audiovisual heritage by transferring all types of supports and means to a greatly resistant polyester photographic material with the most proven durability and quality available nowadays.


Axle.AI is making media smarter. Hundreds of sites worldwide use our affordable software to remotely search, manage and repurpose their video and images. Affordable integrated AI speech transcription and face recognition save you a huge amount of time on tagging; there’s also a graphical workflow automator to save you even more time. Axle.AI works with the existing storage configuration you already have – disk, tape and cloud – and doesn’t require you to upload anything to the cloud, unless you prefer to. Best of all, our team have decades of broadcast archive experience – we look forward to hearing about your challenges.

About Limecraft

Loved by award winning creators and trusted by the largest producers in the world, Limecraft is a technology company on a mission to transform how producers and storytellers work together to create audiovisual content.

Limecraft Flow is the most powerful audiovisual production platform on the market. It allows you to adopt the cloud with zero risk, to integrate your own trusted tool stack or use its built-in capabilities and to leverage the full power of AI to speed up your production process.

About Perfect Memory

The mission of Perfect Memory is to make all data and content accessible in a simple and intuitive way to every employee in the organisation.

Perfect Memory publishes the DAM-as-a-Brain®, a Digital Asset Management solution that offers the following advantages: non-invasive and interconnectable, quick to deploy and scalable, fully configurable, a user experience that matches B2C best practice.

Our DAM-as-a-Brain® offers key features such as: faceted search, search results and QuickView®, video Timeline®, media intersection search, data export…

Clients such as France Télévisions, RTL Belgium, Eurovision, Salto use our solution every day to manage thousands of archives and fresh contents.

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