Eco-Responsibility Webinar

The recording is now available

Copyright: Jacques Chevry | Ina

FIAT/IFTA and INA hosted a webinar on May 9th to present and explore the international survey launched in 2022. The objective? To explore its stakes and goals further and share reflections, ideas and solutions with the audience.

The recording from this webinar is now available to all. We invite you to join Christine Braemer and Thomas Monteil and fill in the survey to help FRAME gather data before the June 30th deadline.

The survey is part of the FRAME training programme dedicated to audiovisual archives, organised yearly by INA with the support of FIAT/IFTA, EBU Academy and the EU Commission.

A study will be published based on collected answers, and results will be shared and discussed during the next FIAT/IFTA World Conference in October 2023.

Image: Haroun Tazieff, volcanologist, on the set of the TV programme “L’invité du dimanche”, 1970. Copyright: Jacques Chevry | Ina