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The FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Awards are designed to honour the most outstanding initiatives that promote the value and use of audiovisual archives. Any initiative that raises the profile of audiovisual archives, any project that showcases audiovisual archive content, any program that valorizes the use of archive in an outstanding way, is eligible to enter.

Read about the three categories, the nomination process and frequently asked questions below.


Read about the three categories


Category 1

“The Members’ Choice”

The Award for Best Use of Archive is given to an exceptional audiovisual production that uses archive in an outstanding manner which moves, surprises, entertains or educates a demanding audience.


The FIAT/IFTA Programme & Production Jury will shortlist 3 nominated projects to be published in May 2014 on www.fiatifta.org. FIAT/IFTA members will be able to view and vote for the winning project (1 vote per employee using it’s membership’s email address on www.fiatifta.org, ie. myname@mycompany.com).


Category 2

“The Popular Vote”

The Award for the Most Innovative Use of Archive is given to an exceptional project that pushes the boundaries in using audiovisual archive in the fields of design, technology, user-experience, funding and production.


The FIAT/IFTA Programme & Production Jury will shortlist 3 nominated projects to be published in May 2014 on www.fiatifta.org.  All registered FIAT/IFTA website visitors will be able to view and vote online for the winning project (1 vote per registered visitor).


Category 3

“The Jury’s Selection”

The Award for the Best Archive Preservation Project is given to a project that will inspire the audiovisual archiving community and have great value as an example to peers within FIAT/IFTA.


The FIAT/IFTA Award Jury will shortlist 3 nominated projects, to be published in May 2014 on www.fiatifta.org. The winner will be selected by the FIAT/IFTA Award Jury.

Read about the nomination process
1Award Nomination Process 2014

Frequently asked questions

Q. What does it take to win a FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Award?

A. People, groups, organizations and companies working with archives or working in the archives sector, and who have made an outstanding contribution in promoting the value and use of audio-visual archives.

Q. How does my project get nominated for an award? 

A. Any individual, groups of individuals, organizations/companies, who are registered as a member of FIAT/IFTA can nominate a project.

Q. What is the deadline for the FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement Awards 2014?

A. Nominations must be entered before the deadline: March 31st 2014.

Q. Where do I find the nomination form?

A. The nomination form is on this page. If you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you might not be able to see the form. Please try using Firefox or Google Chrome instead.

Q. What happens with files or videos that I upload with my application or nomination form?

A. If your project is shortlisted by the FIAT/IFTA Programme & Production Jury in either the category ‘Best Use of Archive’ or ‘Most Innovative Use of Archive’, your file og video will be subject to online screening on the FIAT/IFTA website during the voting period (May-August 2014).In order to be eligible to win, as Nominator or Nominee you will provide a signed release form, allowing FIAT/IFTA to carry out this online screening (streaming only).

Q. Who is eligible to vote online and thus to select the winners?

A. In the category “Best Use of Archive” all employees of a registered FIAT/IFTA member can vote for the winner in this category through their company’s email addresses. Member votes using their private email addresses can’t be considered. In the category “Most Innovative Use of Archive” all internet community is invited to vote.

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